International Book Blogger Discussion: ARCS

Right now, with basically only a month of blogging, bookstagramming and being on book twitter, and having 16 followers( who i am so grateful for) , under my sleeve, i doubt publishers are going to send me ARCs of my most anticipated books, when there are so many more well deserving people. However, the problem lies in the fact that getting a physical ARC even when you have maybe 1000-2000 followers, is not very common.

I know, getting an ARC is not the height of success and when you don’t get one it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a good blogger or anything. It’s just that for me, in some way i feel like i belong with these amazing book bloggers that get sent ARCs without even asking. In some way, it makes me feel seen.

I remember the first ARC i received , Damsel by Elana K Arnold, via Edelweiss. This was after about i think 6(?) rejections for The Wicked King, which i finally got to read through a friend. I was so excited. It wasn’t my most anticipated read ( though now one of my favorite reads of the year), but when i got the email saying i had gotten approved, i was over the moon. I wouldn’t shut up about it, for like two hours. At a stretch.


love this gif! but i really was this excited

After that I got approved for a couple more, that i am really so grateful for. But it still remains that we usually receive e- ARCs and that on Edelweiss mainly. You can just wish for it on NetGalley

I get it, the publishers are being practical. Shipping is not cheap. But, neither is it for us when we buy the books they publish. We also read, review and promote them. People do read our blogs too, and may decide to purchase a book because of a review we have written. In some acknowledgement of this, we wouldn’t mind getting an ARC or a finished copy, every now and then.

I love the book community. I really do. I love how so many bloggers, readers and everyone support each other, and connect with one another, regardless of whether they have met in real life. It’s so refreshing to see when people don’t take into account their gender, religion, sexuality or anything when getting know, love and support one another. I love when US based or Canadian bloggers support other international bloggers, by hosting international giveaways (  thank you for spending on us ) or maybe sending us ARCs or anything, really.


giphy (2).gif

I also have a weird obsession with watching book mail videos on YouTube and Instagram? I am not sure if this is because i like watching people unpack things( yeah, i know, i am weird. But, i really do like it) or because i enjoy just seeing them getting the books and getting excited? I am not sure, but probably both.

Anyways, i don’t hate any of the US based bloggers, who get ARCs. I actually love watching you guys get so excited about your book mail and i love reading your reviews. I also don’t hate the publishers, i just want you guys to give us a chance every once in a while.

These incredible bloggers also wrote a post about this, check them out!

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Inside My Library Mind’s post.

Marta on The Cursed Books: read it

P.S: I am going to try and request a physical ARC of Wicked Saints, which i am dying to read. Let’s see how it goes.




  1. thebookprescription · October 17, 2018

    I am an INTL blogger and I love this post, I only get E-ARCs through Edelweiss and I haven’t tried requesting any physical arcs yet. I am going to wait a bit more as to get better chances!

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  2. Kaleena @ Reader Voracious · October 18, 2018

    It is honestly very unfortunate how much more difficult it is for international bloggers to get access to books – both ARCs and finished copies – due to shipping and even publishing rights restrictions. For physical ARCs, the general rule of thumb that I have seen is waiting at least 6 months before asking to show that you are reliable and going to stick around, but also to increase your following and therefore reach, because ARCs are marketing tools.

    That being said, it is even harder for international bloggers after that initial hurdle and it makes my heart hurt. That’s why I started Flapping Pages over on my blog, which is an International ARC Program that aims to get ARCs into the hands of international, own-voices, and teen reviewers. It’s a small drop in the bucket, but you should check it out.

    Keep on blogging, and your approvals will increase the longer you are blogging. Just remember those unicorn arcs like Wicked King are hard to get for everyone, so don’t feel too bad about those denials. 😉


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